MasterCard Pokies

Using credit cards for funding online poker has become very popular in New Zealand because of its convenience. Mobile pokies players prefer using their credit cards as they can avoid opening bank accounts and incurring other costs for transactions, which can be both time consuming and costly. MasterCard is without a doubt the most popular credit card used in New Zealand today, with its safety, speed and reliability, it is certainly the industry leader. Because of its popularity and reliability, it is accepted at all the best mobile pokies casinos which you will find on this site.

Signing up at a Mobile Pokies Casino NZ

Using your card at a mobile pokies casino for New Zealanders is easy and there is a simple procedure that you need to follow. Many mobile pokies casinos could ask you for a scanned copy of the card that you want to use, along with some proof of identification, such as a drivers license. Mobile pokies players only have to perform these tasks when they sign up to a new mobile casino and they are there for security reasons. Once the initial setup is complete, players can sign in with a password they have created, place a bet and start playing mobile pokies immediately.

Pre-paid Cards for New Zealand Mobile Pokies

Although the MasterCard brand is most famous for its credit and debit cards, it also offers a pre-paid card which is becoming increasingly popular with New Zealand mobile pokies players. The pre-paid card is a simple, easy to use funding method and mobile pokies players don’t even need a bank account or credit card in order to obtain one, players don’t even need to provide any of their personal details either. Pre-paid cards are available at most retailers and once you have purchased one you can make a deposit into a mobile pokies casino on this site right away. In order to transfer the funds from your pre-paid card to your mobile pokies account, you simply type in the code that is printed on your pre-paid card and the funds will be in your account straight away. Another product that can be purchased is the reloadable pre-paid debit card, along with a virtual pre-paid card that can be purchased online with your credit card.

Making a MasterCard Deposit to Mobile Pokies Casinos

Once you have opened an account at a mobile pokies casino, making a deposit with your MasterCard is easy. You simply have to give your card number, type in the amount you want to deposit and click the ‘submit’ button. Your account will then be credited and you can start playing some exciting mobile pokies titles. Pre-paid cards are available at most retailers and once you have purchased one you can use it at all the best mobile pokies casinos on this site.

MasterCard really is the most trusted and reliable funding method available to New Zealand mobile pokies players. It is also safe, fast and secure, so mobile pokies casino players can play their favourite pokies for real money pokies without ever having to worry about their account. If you are a New Zealander looking for the best funding method, grab your MasterCard and start playing at the finest mobile pokies sites recommended here.